By the time you get to this page you’ve probably read what the lesbian webcam model requirements are a few times already! This is another chance for you to see if you really qualify - if you really have the lesbian webcam tools that you’ll need to do the job.

We have talked about both personal quality requirements and technical equipment requirements before. Let’s go through them once more and expand on a few of them.

To be a lesbian webcam model you will need to have these minimum personal qualities:

  • You are attractive and seductive.
  • You are between the ages of 18 and 55.
  • You have a valid government issued photo ID that displays your name and age.
  • You know you have a terrific personality!
  • You are not only comfortable in front of a webcam but you can’t wait to start running a lesbian webcam of your own.
  • You are open-minded and fun loving.
  • You are a people person and you enjoy the challenge of engaging others.

So, let’s talk about attractive first. Being attractive, having the kind of face and body that other women crave, is one thing. You either have it or you don’t and those of you who have it know it. The seductive part is what’s interesting because even moderately attractive women become so much more attractive to other lesbians when they are seductive as well. Do you like flirting? Can you play shy? Are you able to play hard-to-get when the situation demands it? Being seductive makes attractive girls even more so. I’m sure you understand what we are getting at here.

What about personality and being open-minded and fun-loving? We’re guessing that all of these qualities pertain to you. Cam voyeur members are not going to spend money watching someone who looks depressed, never smiles, or are squeamish about performing certain activities. Cam Voyeurs have many choices on the Internet and you want them to spend their money watching you. Smiling and eye contact are two of the most important components in this business. Look cam voyeurs in your room, in the eye (into your webcam), smile at her, make her feel good and she’ll keep coming back for more satisfaction over and over again. It’s all about engaging others. If you can build this kind of relationship using all of your webcam modeling tools, your clients will return daily.

Finally, the age thing. We run a business and we want to keep running a business and we are not interested in breaking any laws. You must be at least 18 and you must be able to prove it. We aren’t kidding. The one part of your application that we will scrutinize carefully until we are satisfied that it is legitimate is your proof of age. If you are younger than 18 and find this job exciting and attractive, you’ll have to wait. No exceptions!

Lesbian Webcam Modeling Tools

Now that all of these personal requirements have been explained more in detail, we hope you are still on board and that you have all of the cam modeling requirements we have outlined. If you aren’t sure, contact us, talk to us, and we’ll be the judge. We’ll know instantly whether or not you have the lesbian webcam tools for the job.

Being a lesbian webcam performer is a modern day job. Without computers and the Internet there would not be any positions for lesbian cam models at all. In addition to having all of the personal traits required for this kind of career you also need to own or be willing to buy some very basic equipment for cam modeling.

We say basic because most people, especially in the USA and Europe and many places in Asia and South America, own computers. If your computer is new enough to play video games on the Internet, it’s probably good enough to qualify as cam modeling equipment. If your computer is a laptop, even better since most of the laptops manufactured in recent years already come with a webcam built in. If you don’t have a laptop with a webcam you’ll need to get a webcam to hook up to your computer.

Lesbian Webcam Modeling Equipment

The most important part of this computer set-up is your connection to the Internet. If you connect to the Internet via a wireless hook-up (WiFi) that’s NOT good enough. Wireless connections are unstable and clients do not expect your image to be cutting out because you have a slow unreliable connection. It doesn’t matter whether you get your Internet from a cable company, a telephone company, or from some other Internet service provider. It just needs to be the kind of connection that hooks into your computer with a hard wire. Unless you are fairly familiar with the technical end of computers you may not understand this. Contact us and we can help you understand if you have the technical lesbian webcam tools needed for the job. If you do not have the proper set up, we can help you understand what you need. We want you to succeed because when you succeed, we succeed.

That’s really all there is as far as requirements are concerned. But, before you leave this page and move onto the lesbian cam model application page let’s talk about something that’s not technically a requirement. We’ve been around this business for a while and, like any other business, there are those who will make it and make it big and then there are those who give up after a few attempts. The difference between the lesbian models in the first group and those in the second group is ambition. If you have ambition you can probably make it in any field. If you are self motivated, you can earn thousands of dollars monthly as a cam girl. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Fill out our webcam model application now!