You’re here. You have arrived at the final stop in answering our appeal for webcam model applicants. You are almost at the end of the road; you are steps away from becoming a lesbian webcam model.

Let’s check on a few things before we give you some advice about completing an application. Did you really read the web pages before this? We hope you did because they contain important and valuable information, information that will help you complete and submit a worthy application. Go back and check. Make sure you understand all of the personal requirements necessary to complete the Lesbian Webcam Modeling Application. Go back and read what we had to say about security and safety. Review the equipment requirements of the job. Without the proper equipment your career as a lesbian webcam model cannot even get off the ground. If you are visiting this page first before reading any of the others you are doing yourself a grave disservice and your application may end up in the “rejected” pile. Last chance!

OK! Now you are ready!

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Lesbians Webcam Models Wanted

You only get one chance to make a first impression and webcam model applicants meet us at WaveSide Entertainment for the first time through their webcam model application. You don’t want to make a bad first impression, do you? You responded to our lesbian cam models wanted ads and now you need to put your best foot forward during our first encounter.

Applications generally are boring but we have cut ours down to the bare minimum just because of that. Any item we ask you to complete is absolutely necessary for our evaluation of your appropriateness as a lesbian webcam model. Our application does not waste your time. If we are asking you for a piece of information, it is important and we need it.

All cam modeling applications must be complete - that means complete in the sense that ALL items are completed in their entirety. If you leave anything blank you will be giving us a lousy first impression of you. All applications with missing information are immediately stopped in the approval process. Blank spaces mean we have to move your application to another team - the team that processes potential rejected webcam model applicants. You do not want the “reject” team handling your application. They are grumpy and have little patience. They will email you, but probably only once, about your missing data and then they will wait for a COMPLETE application. Having your application sent to the reject team twice means that the process is over for you. We deal with hundreds of webcam model applications every day and we’d much rather read and process those that provide us with all the information we need, to make a judgment. Don’t be a reject and don’t make a terrible first impression.

Webcam Model Applicants

Everything you write on your lesbian webcam application tells us something about you. Obviously we need to know your name and address and things like that. Keep in mind that we will never share any of this information with anyone for any reason except legal authorities with the proper court orders. Your personal identity information is safe with us. Not only do we learn about who you are, where you live and things like that from your application but we also learn what you are like. Do you spell words correctly? You don’t need to be able to spell correctly to be a dynamite lesbian webcam model but you do need to spell correctly to make a good impression. If you do not spell well, ask a friend or relative who does to look over your application. In that way you are showing that you care enough about getting this job to have your application checked.

Our webcam modeling application is a web based application so the chances that you might be sloppy with it are few. But, we have seen sloppy applications. There are a few text boxes in the application where we ask you to describe your “turn ons” or your “expertise.” Don’t be sloppy. Make a good impression.

As you can imagine, this industry is a highly regulated industry. We have been doing business in this industry for a while and we know that complying with every regulation goes a long way toward success. We comply with all regulations and we expect our webcam model applicants to comply as well. There are a number of places on the cam model application that require regulatory information. Most notably are those areas that ask for information regarding your age. The application requires a picture of your face. We expect that the picture you take and send us will match the description you entered. If not, that’s a problem. We ask for data on your address and birth date and we also ask that you prove it with a scanned picture of a valid (not expired) government issued photo ID. And then, we put those things together by asking you to take a picture of your face holding your ID next to it. Overkill? You might think so but government regulators do not and that’s why we ask for these things. Don’t mess this part up. We are very careful about only employing people who are who they say they are and who are of legal age. We expect our application reviewers to do a perfect job checking on these things. Your lesbian webcam modeling application will not get past our reviewers if this part is not perfect! If it’s not perfect you will be rejected. If you are rejected you will be working for minimum wage instead of being on the road to a potentially financially lucrative career.

Have we scared you away? We hope not but, we do want to give you the idea that we are a business and we are all about being careful and doing the right thing. We expect no less of you just as you have every right to expect that we will be careful with your information, your safety and your money. This cam model application gets us all started together in the right direction, on the right foot and on the same page.

Now if you are ready, fill out the cam modeling application and lets get you started!