Lesbian Webcam

Lesbian Webcam Lesbian Webcam

Do you enjoy surfing the Internet and do you love showing off your assets to other women? Would you be surprised to know that millions of women surf the Internet every day and many of them are browsing the net in search of pretty, sexy girls just like you. Most of them are just looking for a good time and a good show. Interestingly enough many of these Internet surfing women are willing to pay good money to see a sexy gal like you performing on a lesbian webcam through their computer screens.

Now you know that you have what it takes to catch the eye of other women! You’ve been doing it since before you can remember. Why not get paid for being attractive and desirable to members of your own sex? Why not use your physical attributes to earn a living far better than any salary you could hope to get in a job outside the entertainment field. Why not look into lesbian jobs that pay the rent and are a lot of fun as well!

Lesbian Cams Lesbian Cams

The qualifications needed to work lesbian cams are very simple, straightforward and you’ll be surprised to know that you probably qualify for every one of them:

1. Attractive and seductive.
2. Between the ages of 18 and 55.
3. Have a valid government issued photo ID to verify your name and age.
4. Have a terrific personality!
5. Completely comfortable in front of a webcam and anxious to stream live on your own lesbian webcam.
6. Open-minded, fun loving and can easily engage in online conversations in the virtual world with just about anyone.
7. You are a people person; you enjoy the challenge of engaging others in unlimited conversations pertaining to a wide variety of subjects, including those pertaining to sex.

Did you realize that being a lesbian cam girl does not require a specific level of education? Did you realize that there are no long drawn out training programs that you must attend? Did you see that this lesbian job actually looks like a lot of fun? It’s all true. You just need to sign up and get started having fun, with endless opportunities to make serious money!

Although you are probably already convinced that you would be willing to take off all of your clothes and perform in private for paying clients, we still want to set your mind at ease with answers to a few commonly asked questions that we have heard from other lesbian webcam cuties. You see, we have been in this business long enough that we absolutely know what we are doing. This website and these services are supported by the WaveSide Entertainment Network and you can rest assured that we care a great deal about the safety and welfare of our webcam models.

Lesbian Jobs Lesbian Jobs

So to the questions and answers!

Q - Where do I have to go to perform?
A - Nowhere! You do all of your performing and entertaining on lesbian cams in the comfort of your own home.

Q - Do I need any equipment?
A - You do but it’s minimal and you probably have most of it already - a reliable computer with a high speed processor, hard wired to the Internet (not WiFi) with minimum upload speed of at least 0.6 Mbps, a webcam that provides clear, sharp images, and that’s it. Uniforms? Nope! Use whatever sexy clothing you have for lesbian jobs and peel it off as seductively as you like.

Q - Will I get paid and how?
A - You’ll be paid for private sessions from your paying clients, as they decide to initiate a premium session with you. Operating a lesbian webcam is a job and you will be paid in accordance with how good your performance is for your paying clients, based on how long your clients keep you in private. You are paid a percentage on whatever monies you generate through your lesbian cam performances. Your percentage will be paid to you per the payout method you select from available methods referenced inside your models area. Some lesbian cam hotties have made in the neighborhood of $2000 a day! You probably won’t make that at first but after you build an audience and a following anything is possible and the sky is the limit with lesbian jobs.

Q - How will other women know where to find my lesbian webcam?
A - That’s easy for you since that’s our job. We do all your advertising for you at no cost to you. We’ll put your photo and your bio out there for all to see, which are searching for just the right, lesbian webcam model. Give us a sexy snapshot of you and we’ll get it out on the Internet for all those other women to see – so they know right where to find you.

These questions and answers satisfy most applicants but you are probably a bit smarter than most and have questions about security. As was mentioned before, we at WaveSide Entertainment have been in this business for a while and we take pride in our security measures. We want to see you make money and the more time you stream online at lesbian jobs the more opportunity you have at making even more money. We know that you’ll have more opportunities to make even more money, if you feel safe doing your lesbian webcam job. Our techs will see to it that your real identity is protected. No one will have access to any personal information about you; customers only know what you tell them. If you have an issue with a client, whatever it may be, you have the ability to block clients as well as entire areas. Your safety is our priority.

There’s a lot more to see on these pages so, if you are considering a position as a lesbian cam model, start moving through this site. Make sure to visit our Modeling Guide page and the Models Requirement page which explains in detail what was briefly discussed above. As you become more and more convinced that you can and will make a bundle of cash doing your lesbian webcam thing, stop by the Lesbian Models Application page. That’s actually the final step in the process. Fill out the application in its entirety and process it. Once you’re approved as a webcam model, in no time you will be set up as your own boss. Work as much or as little as you want - working a little equals a little money; working a lot, showing up every day for your admiring lady friends and performing like a pro will enable you much more opportunity to make lots and lots of money!

Don’t hesitate. Click the links below and get started.

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